15 August, 2007

K-I-C-K-E-D O-U-T!

It is going into the baby book.. I may even frame it for now.. It is official

Lucy has been kicked out of day care.

I will post the official letter I received just as soon as I stop fighting with my printer/scanner (that I just finished telling Sagewas so wonderful!)

KICKED OUT! Seriously... seriously? Jake was kicked out of a home day care too, when he was two. He was old enough to "count" as a toddler, but still needed the attention of a baby.. and Lucy, well the director thinks she "required more 1:1 attention"...

I think she is bored.. that is my guess.. I think she needs older kids.

But, uhm , yeah.. my NT kid was kicked out of day care.. oh and while I was talking with the director, Lucy let herself out of the screen door went over to a play structure, climbed up a ladder and went down a slide by herself. I asked when she started that.. and the director told me that "the little ones don't normally play on that one".. yeah. I think she's bored.
at least that is what I will tell myself 'cause I do NOT have time for a pity party about me and my special needs children.

Jeesh.. so I am thinking about putting her in a pre-school and lying and saying she is two.. they would only think she was a little slow...if she could just get potty trained this week we could probably get away with it!

here is the scan!
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