09 August, 2007

No sleep

can't sleep. I actually got out of bed. I even had a sip (really mama just a sip) of B&B accomplished one task: made car and driver reservations for our upcoming Maui trip..

In other news Jake has figured out how to climb across the chimney flues which are oddly enough stacked in our backyard and cemented together to form a retaining wall. (God knows what the previous owners were thinking?!)I had to tell him today that he could only crawl 6 feet out where the drop was only 5 or so feet from the ground, because even though he was able to make the 7 foot drop safely (the retaining wall has stairs beneath it so that the height starts at about 2 feet and ends at 12 feet) .. I told Jake that if he bonked his head then Daddy would be really mad at me. Which is true.
I was telling my friend AhHa (okay I haven't figured out what her name should be...) that Descartes is truly the mama bear in this family.

He follows Jake more closely, disallows Lucy from climbing etc. I guess at some point I realized that if I tracked every movement of Jake.,.. then add Lucy.. I would die. My buttocks would pucker so tight that I would just implode. I simply would not be able to live this life. So, for example, Lucy stands up in the tub.. (because that's what we do in the shower...hello inconsistency much?????) and Jake apparently can climb half-way out on the retaining wall. And I let Lucy eat sand that one time. And there are other ways.. but I think CPS is already tracking us :)
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