22 November, 2006

Bringing Home Baby

So my little sister is in Wichita right now. Which it ta. Wichita.. Never been there myself. Probably will never have a reason to go there. I am hoping I don't. Not because I don't like the people there. On the contrary. It's because if I ever go there it is probably because my sister needs my help with some court obligation, and that will mean that something has gone awry in the adoption process.
My sister is bringing home my nephew. The newest addition to our extended family. It has been a long time coming home. He was only born a few days ago,but we have been waiting for so many years. I know he is their child, but we have all been praying and hoping and wishing and waiting. I cannot imagine her mind if mine is this crazy. We are all so excited. I have wanted to cry "alldee time always". and then some.
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