18 August, 2007

Who do you THINK has your Vote?

My lovely husband just told me about a very very cool site where, by entering your feelings on various subjects, you can get an idea of which presidential candidates fall in line with your way of thinking. It is flawed of course because you can say that something is important or key to your personal platform, but you can't say that one subject is 10X as important as another issue. You also can't say things like "I want a candidate who has some sense of International policy", or "I want a candidate who is not-Mormon". (This is my own, very large bias.)

So go ahead Choose Your Candidate then let me know how close it is to who you thought it would be. I wasn't surprised that Mitt Romney and I are pretty far apart..pretty much if embryonic stem-cell research is important to you then most of the Republicans are out...except for John McCain. I have always sort of liked McCain, maybe it's because he goes on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or because he is one of the few Republicans running who is against warrantless wiretapping, torture and Guantanamo. Giuliani and I don't have a chance together according to this little decision matrix. And Tancredo, well he, (she?) and I apparently couldn't be farther apart. And since I didn't who it he was until I just Googled him..guessing he wasn't going to get my vote any whooo.

Back to that website...when I went through quickly, without weighting, it appears that my personal platform is near the purported platform of Kucinich, Obama and Edwards. Then Clinton and Gravel...Gavel? who the hell is that? So Descartes says to me "Kucinich huh? Could you pick a candidate with a slimmer chance of winning? I think not."

Hey. I'm not voting here, I was just playing a little game...

The whole thing is a bit sad honestly. I really am at a loss this time around. Good thing I have over a year of listening to political blah blah-ing to make up my mind.
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