28 April, 2005

Son-Rise Son-set

I guess I am a skeptic. Yes. I am. When I went to the Son-Rise website, which I will not even link to... okay fine, I will I was of course immediately put off by the fact that you can't get prices online. It sort of make me think that it is probably really expensive, and once again they are about people trying to buy hope for their child.

I know my entire house seems to be filled with toys, books, pop-up books, flax seed oil, fish oil and various other Pro-EFA's, medical journals, Exceptional Parent magazine Oh, I cancelled that.. Apparently I am not actually exceptional enough to have the patience to get through the magazine).. anywhoo the house is filled with things we have purchased to make our child whole. Guess what. He's not sick. When he gains a new skill he is Not Getting Better... and with all of the money in the world we can't buy our way out of this one.

It's like the lines on your face, the silver in your hair,
the burning leaves rising in the grey October air.
This ocean of Life, it will toss you about,
and all the gold in your pocket cannot buy your way out.

You can shake your fist at heaven, you can file your appeal,
You can try to rise above it, you can crawl, you can kneel;
No matter what life gives you, no matter what you feel,
You cannot stop the turning of the wheel.

Berezan continues....

In the sureness of the turning lies the hope that you can heal,
'cause you cannot stop the turning of the wheel

it used to be just a song.. does everything need to have meaning? jeesh.

04 April, 2005

Cleaning up for the House Cleaner

Last night my husband proposed that perhaps the cleaner person lady could match the giant basket of socks together, instead of just hiding his stuff.

So I woke this morning thinking of two things..
number one: why is it that I feel compelled to keep ALL of the mis-matched socks that have ever accumulated in my life. We only have one laundry basket full, but it truly is a full laundry basket. I believe there are socks there from 1994. In fact I know one of those socks dates back to when I stole my step-monster's favorite long socks so I could wear them with MY little boots and a long skirt. I felt very guilty for stealing them.. I felt even worse when I lost one of them in an apartment complex dryer (or perhaps it was at Bing Wong's next to Bison Brewery?) So I suppose I have been carting around this sock to make sure that I still feel bad about stealing the black with subtle maroon flower socks.. what am I Catholic? Actually no I am not, but I did cry when the Pope died.

number two: does everyone clean for the cleaning person? I mean if you have decided that you are such a looooozer that you cannot possibly keep your house clean by yourself... do you still clean up a bit for the cleaning people? Maybe we should all just pretend the cleaners are coming to our house.. then we would clean up ourselves.. and we would save all of that money. Of course an entire industry could be wiped out...
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