08 August, 2007

Buried in Cotton

Seriously... how do we have so many items of clothing in this house? I am really being buried alive.

The only thing I can think of is that Jake changed sizes three times this last year (at least pant sizes) and Lucy is changing sizes about every three months too.

And I am now smaller than I was when we got married (which just means I was a cow at our wedding!) so I have clothing from size 10-16 plus maternity..oh yeah and I used to work for that giant clothing company that seems to be "falling into a chasm" not a gap (oh how i miss those days of "Oh my gosh you work there? Wow." We were the Google of clothing companies...beware Google!) so I already had a lot of clothing..

And Descartes, well he's the kind of guy who owns his own tux, and fly fishes, and hunts, and bicycles, and gardens, and he has all the gear for each of those parties..not to mention the ones he doesn't do often, but for which he is well-equipped (hey keep your mind out of the gutter!) like tennis, swimming, backpacking, house painting, car repair, rowing, and disco dancing (he has a blue ruffled tux shirt, just in case!)

I have been going through clothes this morning and I am giving Sage many things.. she will have a whole new pile of stuff to go through when she gets home.
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