07 August, 2007

yeah what- --ever

what ever I said yesterday about forgetting to take Wellbutrin.. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
this morning if I could have double dosed without risk of seizure I would have.

Descartes had to go to the dentist. He pretends like he is not anxious, but I know he is. He just says "I don't want to go". Basically he was very quiet and needed an abnormal amount of prompting to help get kids ready today. He is so good with them in the morning these days that I realize it now makes me a bit irritated when he isn't, poor guy.. just can't win :)

and I am going to try to work on my project today... and pray that Lucy does better at childcare so that she may be able to stay the rest of the month. That is a longer story.

and Jake's aide doesn't come until noon.

and the housekeeper comes this morning, so I am instantly reminded that my house is overrun by clothing (all clean, but still) and I am a failure because I can't even keep my own damn house clean by myself.

and Jake ran FULL STEAM into my ankle this morning. I can apparently handle having my ankle twisted right from under me, or I can handle being stabbed by two troll toenails, but I cannot apparently handle both at the same time without tearing up and wanting to swear, and dropping nearly to the floor in pain. How did I ever give birth? Then he fought me with every single pant leg off and new pants on... then a bit more with a new diaper,

and made me chase him to put his yogurt/meds combo. (this last one being a job Daddy has been doing mostly.. so it was extra irritating to have to chase Jake with yogurt/meds in a bowl with Lucy following and yelling "that, that, that, THAT" because she wants some too. and she can't have even a bite because it has time release Adderal in it and it would do God knows what to that little hellion!)
and so
I am off to take Lucy across the city to her little daycare.
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