17 August, 2007

Ready, Set, Relax

Turned in a part of my project last night very late ...so I got to spend the day playing with my kids..what joy.

Tried a new "tether" on Jake. Basically, actually I was going to write down what exactly I did, but thinking more carefully after writing this entire post. I am going to perfect the design and sell it...basically Jake is attached to me and Jake can have his hand at his side. It is adjustable for Descartes.

Jake was bugged a bit at first, but was much, much more relaxed for the (quick) grocery store run. I talked with him about how it may be uncomfortable, but it was still a lot more comfortable than holding mommy's hand the entire time.

I was so ready for evil looks from people, and you know what? Only three people noticed. Two of those were little twin boys about Jake's age...and frankly I think they started looking at us because Lucy kept saying "Hi buh, Hi Buh" which is "Hi boys". The only other person was a 40 something year old woman who gave me a look like a therapist seeing a good tool would look. Sort of "Oh. Wow. That is a very simple fix to a very complex social, behavioral and developmental issue."

I am so glad I finally sucked it up and tried it. I have been so terrified that I would need to decide which kid to "save"..and I'm sure I will still think some of that, but it is nice to know that I won't need to chase Jake around a Safeway store.

I am going to perfect this design.. after I see that it works a few times. I did need to watch his toes on the cart wheels and his hands on the products on the shelves. .but no mishaps and got all of the things we needed.

The rest of our day got even better with lunch with Sage and old friends and kids playing and Otter Pops etc.. will need to detail to morrow as I am sososososoos sleepy now and my bed is covered with sweaters that I am not taking to Hawaii.
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