27 August, 2007

On Island Time

SO apparently I am not as technically talented as I previously thought myself. It has taken me nearly a week to figure out that the reason I could not log the computer on in my room was due to the fact that I needed to let the hotel pick an IP address for me.. oh well. it is probably better this way, as now that I am online I realize that the connection is so very very slow. Perhaps it is the only thing that isn't grand about the Grand Wailea. I have stored a few thoughts, so I'll just post as I get the time...

We arrived last Tuesday. Hours ahead of the rest of our family, which is good since our children were done being close to other people or nice to anyone. We figured out that we are not going to Europe any time soon with these children at these ages.. and certainly not Australia, and probably not even the East Coast. I am not looking forward to the flight home... there is no vacation waiting at the end of that flight.

Now having said that I must also say that I am so proud of my children...especially Jake. He was such a good boy on the flights.. yes flights.. we had a layover and plane change in Honolulu. He was very cuddly and nice for nearly the entire flight from SFO to HON. In fact the only real problem he had was that he had to poop twice. Not sure if y'all know this, but airplane bathrooms are very very very very small. And my son is craptastic..and not potty trained. After Leelo's great potty training adventures I am inspired, and will be working hard for this when we get back, but alas we were stuck with one poopy boy and one small bathroom. He waited as long as he could. We had talked a lot that morning about trying to poop before we get on the plane etc. Then when he needed to go, he started to get the sillies and climb all over Descartes. He knows when he needs to go, just gets stage fright or something when he is there... anywhoooo all of the worst things happened, poop all over the place, Lucy only wanted Mommy, and Daddy can barely fit in an airplane bathroom by himself let alone with a 4 foot something 6.5 year old.. all this and Mommy forgot to take her crazy pill. We survived. Once you let go of the idea that children should not sit on the floor of an airplane bathroom you can pretty much get through most things.
So other than the toilet thing... Jake did very very well. Just played in his seat next to Daddy and ate every single possible snack we handed him. It was like a 5 hour snack session. The food on the plane was gross. So gross that Lucy actually took the turkey out of her mouth and very gently handed it back to me and said "No. No".. and my kids will eat just about anything.

We later learned that getting up at 4:30am CA time, after a poor night's sleep, travelling all day with small crazy children, skipping lunch, then adding heat and alcohol, well, it can make Mommy and Daddy a little bit wobbly.
We made it though.. all the way the Kahaluhi Airport Maui...got our rental car and landed safely at the Grand Wailea. Our room was ready early. And whoever thinks this room has no ocean view... they are crazy. That is Molokini and Kaho╩╗olawe in the distance. Our room is perfect with a door that opens to my brother Gerard's room so Pinky and I can share hairspray (ha ha) and little Bubsy and Lucy can play with all of the toys those good parents brought for their daughter.
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