18 August, 2007

On a Roll

we are having good days lately..must be something to do with me feeling sucessful with work, and with trying new things with my kids also Descartes is more relaxed lately...he's starting to think about relaxing in Hawaii.

So on Friday after trying the new tether with Jake and successfully shopping with both kids (as I have heard this may just be a miracle with two typical kids... so I felt extra good about it) I was able to meet my friend Sage for lunch. I had called her earlier in the morning and when she phoned back I found out that she had only one of her kids, but two kids of another friend of ours. So the whole gaggle of us met at Johnny Rockets. I am not about to say that it is the best food in the world, but Jake and I used to go there every single Wednesday (early day at his old school) and eat lunch together. The staff learned enough about us to bring me an iced tea without asking, and vie to wait on us since I always leave a big tip (it goes along with the messy table). When we walked in this time, my waitress said "Oh she is so big (about Lucy) She just turned one, how was her birthday?" How cute is that?

SO anywhooo we were able to take over the back booth and Sage and I proceeded to order copious amounts of french fries, and were able to speak a few words to each other between getting kids to be okay (and they were all SOOOOOO good)..then even better.. Got to see another friend who was there at the restaurant. random

and so very nice, because our dear other friend is in chemo right now. breast cancer... nasty stuff that chemo, makes you lose your hair and all, but let me tell you (as I told her).. she looked damn near radiant with smooth skin and her same clear happy eyes and her sweet laugh, and her joy... she is the kind of woman who is joyous. It is almost palpable. I'm not sure if it is faith, or a strong marriage, or a strength born of many trials, but whatever it is, she is one of those "good eggs" and someone I love being around..plus she thinks I'm funny...and she gets all of my wise-cracks.

We left Johny Rockets and made our way over to one of the other Mama's house (the one who owned two of the kids Sage had with her) and proceeded to play.. and eat Otter Pops, and talk and wow, my kids did great and the other kids were precious.. and I can do this.

I am just so lucky to know these great women, who get me and love my kids. It has taken awhile but there is some sort of somethin' somethin' going on for me, some good combination of things.
I think Descartes and I have some great plans for our Jake this year
good times...good times
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