03 August, 2007

Hey! Nobody Drowned!

Went to Squid's amazing house the other day..with both of my children... and we all went in to the pool and they are both still alive!

I know this sounds sort of dumb, but I am still really having a hard time taking both of my kids places by myself. I know I need to get over it, but I am so terrified that I will need to choose which one to save. Do other mothers with NT (neuro-typical) kids have this same gnawing feeling in the back of their mind?

Jake is so much calmer than he used to be, and Lucy is rather capable, but I am still mostly amazed that there haven't even been any close calls. Maybe I am getting better at this.. or maybe I have been hiding out at the house for most of the summer under the guide that I have "a lot of work to do".
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