24 July, 2007

Pointless Things I Do:

  • i clean before the housekeeper comes.
  • i hire a housekeeper.
  • i pray.
  • i paint my toenails or even worse.. i pay someone else to do it.
  • i purchase Zout, Shout and other stain removing liquids in a vain attempt to keep our clothes looking new and vibrant.
  • i think that some day we will have more disposable income than we do today.
  • i speak French to Lucy..or what I recall to be French which is now more likely Spanglench (Spanish, English and French... Frengspan perhaps?).
  • i pick up paint chips and design magazines.
  • i write my thoughts down for everyone else to see.
  • i tell my mom that we are fine. i tell my in-laws that we are great.
  • i sort things like this: 'keep', 'toss', donate' and 'sell on eBay' .
  • i keep thinking that any day now we are going to "hit our stride" with our careers, our marriage and our kids.
  • i plant flower seeds in a garden without functioning sprinklers.
  • i have always believed that hard work coupled with all the smarts you can muster will get you pretty close to where you want to go in life.
  • i have two bundt cake pansand an angel food cake pan, and a commercial chafing dish in my pantry /baking area.. and have no foreseeable occasion to use any of them.
  • i blog when I am in distress.
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