02 July, 2007

My Kids had a Party Last Night

Last Night's Party, A Schedule

11:00 PM
Descartes goes to bed

11:30 PM
Jennyalice says she is going to bed

12:00 AM
Jennyalice goes to bed

12:22 AM
Lucy wakes up

12:44 AM
Lucy goes back to bed

1:30 AM
Everyone sleeps

2:00 AM
Everyone sleeps

2:30 AM
Jake starts making happy crazy noises

3:02 AM
Jake goes into the hallway, little bare feet on the hard wood floors making mommy awaken

3:08 AM
Jake and Mommy go upstairs

3:23 AM
Lucy wakes up and Mommy brings her upstairs

4:00 AM
PARTY which includes yammering by Lucy and much eating by Jake

4:30 AM
PARTY which includes nursing the baby, new diapers for all

4:35 AM
Mommy convinces Lucy to go back to her bed

4:40 AM
Mommy convinces Jake to go back to his bed. (Mommy closes his doors to prevent escape)

4:42 AM
Mommy goes back to sleep

4:46 AM
Lucy wakes up at her "normal" time to nurse and cuddle

4:52 AM
(this was told to me later) Lucy crawls around the bed saying mamamama dadadada and pulling on Descartes' beard. Mommy slept through this part.

5:00 AM
Lucy and Mommy go upstairs

5:30 AM
Various states of mommy dozing, Lucy nursing and sleeping.

6:00 AM
Various states of mommy dozing, Lucy nursing and climbing.

6:30 AM
Various states of mommy dozing, Lucy climbing yammering and watching children's programming.

7:00 AM
Daddy and Jake come upstairs and the day begins
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