16 July, 2007

Damn Wheels on Damn Bus

I'm not sure why it has been bugging me all day, but Jake's morning bus driver asked me:

"Is his sister okay?"

and my first thought was that I had told her that Lucy was ill or something..

then I realized, as she continued "because these things tend to run in families, the autism...".

I realized she wanted to know if Lucy was all busted in the head too.

It is really a very normal conversation to have. She actually has a special needs kid of her own (near grown), and we have spoken about Jake having autism, so it really wasn't that bizarre. I might have even asked people the same question before.. but I don't think I will ask anymore.. or at least, after the responder states that the child is indeed perfectly fine, and perhaps even ahead on the child development timeline...

I will not continue as she did...

"Well, I guess you'll just need to keep watching her."

ugh. this life has no peace.
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