22 July, 2007

My CA- Razy Mom

So I get a call last night about 7:30pm.. it's my mom, Gloria.

GH: "jennyalice you are a talented writer."
me: "Uhm, thanks mom."
GH: "And you are very good at drawing."
me: "No, mom, actually I'm not."
GH: "Yes you are."
me: "Okay, let's say I am."
GH: "Well, you are. You are very artistic."
me: "No, I have a kid that's autistic, that's different."
GH: "Well, that's my point jennyalice. You should write a children's book."

because I have time for such things? because I am so great at writing children's books?

the seed has been planted, and now it will be one more thing on my list of things I should do in my life. so when you hear me talking about this cockamamie idea...it is all her fault.
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