09 July, 2007

The Wheels on the Bus...

were parked at an angle this morning, inducing a mild panic attack for Jake. Great way to start back at (summer) school.

I believe it is in our notes with transportation, to please drive past our house by two houses and park where the street levels out.
We have a great view, but it comes with a hill that is pretty darn steep. That coupled with an evil neighbor means that I drive Jake down the private drive every morning and back in front of our row of houses. Directly in front of our house is still very steep (and has three flights of stairs back up to our house.. which I do not want to navigate with Jake every morning. I already broke my leg once on those stairs...so all I ask transportation to do is have the bus driver park just past our house so no on has to park upon a steep hill, no one has to walk up or down the steep hill etc.

So I told Judith, our new driver, to park a bit further and she was very apologetic. Even offered to "start over" if it would help Jake with his routine. As it turns out she has an autistic child as well.

When Jake was still having a hard time after he was seated on the bus, I sang him a little song Descartes and I made up (we sing a lot)

Don't be mad. Don't be sad.
You have to admit, it's not that bad.
You have your mom. You have your dad.
C'mon you know you should be glad.

and it is sung to part of some classical piece of music, but I can't remember the composer right now (and it is making me crazy).
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