10 July, 2007

Second Verse: The Wheels on the Bus...

were parked nearer to where they should be.. perhaps tomorrow they will be completely on the flat part of the street.. and not 8 car lengths behind where I have purposely (or in this case, is it purposefully?) pulled forward and parked so as to give wide berth to the little short bus I thought would park behind me.

Jake did okay walking half a block to the bus. And once on the bus, we discovered that we know one of the little boys and his family, so that is always nice.

Lucy did not like being left behind in the car.. especially since I took the keys out of the car, so no one would steal her I suppose, and this makes the little television turn off...and she was "i watching ma"...watching Sesame Sreet-Kids Favorite Songs with Elmo.

All is good now. Jake is at school, Lucy is at childcare.. and I am all alone in my house for the first time in a while. It is soooooo quiet.. .not exactly a trip to the coast, but I'll take it.
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