07 July, 2007

Spice it Up Momma

So my little boy is possibly gringo no more.. or at least his taste buds aren't. I'll admit, my creamed chicken was a little on the plain side (but give me a break I was using left-over Costco pre-cooked chickens!) but to get him to eat his creamed chicken tonight I had to add chopped up potatoes, chopped squash.. and top it all off with Tapatio Hot Salsa Picante. As soon as I put the hot sauce on.. the kid scarfed the entire plate (probably a cup-full of food) and drank 9 oz of whole milk!
I think Jake is about to lose a couple of teeth. I can't get in there to see anything of course. Little Lucy tried to touch his yogurt covered mouth this morning and almost lost a finger!.. .anywhooo he gets sort of sensitive to what he eats when that happens. No apples, only strawberries. No honey wheat pretzels (sooo soo good) but a lot of Cheerios.
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