09 July, 2007

Oh and this happened too.

This is another part of the morning.. in conversing with the bus driver...

Judith: "You must be so patient all the time with Jake."

Me: thinking .." I am sooo not patient all the time with him. But wait, I am more patient that many people would be. Yeah, but not patient enough. Maybe we would be farther along with toilet training if I were just more patient. Descartes is always saying I need to be more patient. I'm a bad person. I am not patient with either of my children. I need therapy. No I don't need therapy. I need more sleep. More than three hours a night. I need to get my toe nails painted because they are chipping, and darn it I deserve to have that one nice little thing all for myself. Great, now I am impatient and selfish.. wait, no I'm not. I just want my toes to look nice. I should have put a Bandaid on Jake's toe. I hope it doesn't hurt him today at school. I need to buy milk this morning. Maybe I will actually take a shower. I bet Lucy will need to shower with me so she won't climb the bookcase while I'm not looking..

Me: out loud "Yes, I am very patient with Jake, until I'm not."
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