29 January, 2008

What a F*cking, Sh*tty day

Okay actually not really at all.

Here is the kind of voice mail you want to receive from your child's teacher:

"Mrs. Alice" [this is said with a snicker because she knows I HATE it when she calls me Mrs.Alice.]

"Mrs. Alice, I am calling to talk to you about Jake. Nothing is wrong. Actually it is great news. Jake pooped on the potty." [in the background there are cheers and claps.]


Of course I called immediately.

Apparently Jake was having free choice and was playing on the ground with something (with some other kids in his class...also a big deal in my opinion.)
He got up, ran to the classroom door, and jumped up and down.

Bless his 1:1 aide's heart that she is so observant of his behaviors all the time, and knows many of the subtleties of his eyes and gestures. She said "Okay Jake, let's go to the bathroom."

They went across the hall, into the stall, she pulled down his pants and pull-up for him and HE POOPED. [note to self: Jake is going to KILL ME if he ever is able to read this...am I? ... oh never mind right now his stories are my stories, and I want to share.. so there]

So he pooped and Anna cheered and took Jake back to the classroom where everyone cheered for him. Anna told him he would have ice cream when he got home from school.

Instead I took ice cream for his whole class! He was very proud of himself, and very happy to eat an entire bowl of ice cream.


Just after the pooping episode Jake went to recess with his class. Lke most seven year olds he enjoys climbing on the play structures.

He climbed to the top of the structure then came down on a "bridge" area. He looked at one of the aides and it appeared he wanted to jump down to her.

She said "No Jake. It's not safe."
and he said "Let me!"
she repeated "No Jake." then, "It's too high."
and he said again "Let me!"

she told him "no" a final time.

his response?

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."


Again his language was perfect for the context (just not appropriate for a child?)

Squid pointed out that Jake has actually repeated a word now. We have always joked that his words are "disposable" he says a word on one day and it never appears again.
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