10 January, 2008

Holy Crap... Are WeThat Close to Understanding?

An excerpt from the Business Week article:

Using a very large genome scan, the researchers also discovered that the genetic abnormalities—either a deletion or a duplication of a section of chromosome 16—were not directly inherited from either parent. Instead they developed spontaneously during the embryonic stage of development, possibly due to interplay of various genetic factors inherited from the parents.

Through the use of new and very costly chromosome micro-array tests, doctors can detect the abnormalities in autism patients and their parents and then predict the risk of recurrence in subsequent pregnancies. "We are beginning to develop a full understanding of the autism spectrum disorder genome which…ultimately will lead to the discovery of treatments that have the greatest promise," says Eric Lander, director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, which took part in the research.

We did so many genetic tests on Jake, I wonder if we already have this information on him? Will have to dig into his records.. they probably weren't looking at chromosome 16 then.
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