06 January, 2008

American Dad?

Has anyone ever watched the show American Dad? Something about a CIA agent and his family..and the alien that lives with them. The alien is named Roger? Okay I admit I don't know much about the show, but there was a rerun on tonight that somehow ended up being watched by my husband (who knows he may watch it more often than I know...) but tonight I overheard some of the lines of the show...and we both cracked up because the alien, Roger...

it was literally killing him to be nice.

You see.. I am not nice and I am not cute. I know these things about myself. I'm okay with it. I have tried being both, or one at various times in my life. For a few moments I might pass off either characteristic, but the truth is, I think it would really kill me if I had to be nice.

I think I am a decent person who does the right thing nearly all of the time, at least I try to. (I give blood, volunteer at the library and take stray dogs back to their owners). I also think I 'clean up good', that perhaps I have a more 'classic' look about me (think big ol' Renaissance art figures?!) but "cute" is just never a word that someone would use to describe me.

and nice? Yeah. Nope.
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