25 January, 2008

More Rain, More Sister!

The rain is only getting heavier.. so that means more snow, and horrible travel, especially with two babies.. so hurrah! I get more time with my sister.

Jake and little Hawk are so precious. Hawk just plays around his feet and Jake does this kind of dance to avoid him. Wolf has stopped crying every time Jake enters a room. Apparently he has finally dropped the grudge against him (once, about 6 months ago Jake ran full-steam into him...whoops).

Went to the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum the other day with all of the kids and my dear friend Bridquet and her darling daughter. Bridquet has an older son with disabilities, but he wasn't there. I looked at her and said "I get it now. I finally get this place." She asked me whether or not we were going to cry about finally "getting" the allure of a discovery museum. How amazing to go to a place like that with a neuro-typical child, one who is interested and interactive and fascinated and pulling at my hand to explore something new at every corner. and climbing, and making friends and fighting for territory and talking about all of it.
More than once, I have taken Jake there, tried our best to enjoy ourselves and left after an hour, lamenting the dollars spent on admission, cruddy kid lunch and gasoline. Then more sadness at feeling like a bad mom for not wanting to take my special needs kid to a place, any place, that is not necessarily right for him because it causes me mental anguish.

We're getting better as a family. I am more brave. I am more tolerant. I have more reasonable expectations for myself and Jake and for the rest of the world, but it's a process...for now I think I will skip the season pass.
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