05 January, 2008

Little Lucy, Big Bed


We ate lunch there, which generally works very well for us.. but I forgot that on Saturdays there's "jazz" band in the foyer (which goes echoing up into the second floor glass ceiling area bouncing around and around!) oh yeah then there was a screaming little girl, AND a kid who opened the emergency exit door.. 'Cause there is nothing like all of those noises to make for a relaxing lunch.

Anywhooo, we survived and Little Lucy picked out her own bed. We skipped the toddler bed and went straight to a twin bed. Yikes! We actually went to a loft bed. It's white and pine and looks like an IKEA bed but ya' know what she LOVES it! We put it together in less than 2 hours! And tonight when we put Lucy in bed she just crawled on up to the pillow, put her little head down and waited for us to cover her up. She has not resurfaced yet. She was so happy.

I, on the other hand, had tears slipping down my face as we undid the crib.. ooops they are at the corners of my eyes again! My little baby...grown up already?!

On the way to IKEA Descartes and I had a conversation about storing the crib. Storing the crib?
Huh? Why do we need to store the crib if we aren't having any more kids?

Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? I wonder?
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