19 January, 2008

News Flash: Woman with No Childcare Maintains Sanity

okay my mother just complained that I haven't posted in seven days.. so here is something that I tried to write and finish on the 14th of January


Last time we had daytime help with Jake was December 21. We have been out two times at night (after kids are asleep), but other than that I pretty much have been on duty.

Jake is back in school and Lucy goes to her little home daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a few hours (or more)... so it's not like I have it sooooo bad or anything, but the afternoons can be really very hard, but they haven't been.

Jake and I went to The Psychiatrist last week. Jake is medicated. I know some people think this is wrong, but it the right thing for Jake, and for our family. When Jake takes Adderall he is able to be present in the classroom, follow some directions and learn.. he can also sit nicely enough to eat meals at a table. He can even manage to use a fork (pre-loaded by us). Basically, the extended release was wearing off as he got home from school leading to very rough afternoons.. rough like Jake couldn't sit for dinner, couldn't take a bath with his sister without kicking her, and couldn't follow any type of direction. We also saw tears, temper tantrums and, well he was just nearly beside himself every afternoon.It was the perfect storm..Jake has an expectation of how he feels all day, and it was gone, I have an expectation of how many directions he can follow, and he couldn't follow any, I am tired from being me all day, and, of course, we have "the Four O Clocks" at our house like any/all families do.

So we are now giving Jake 5 mg of a shorter release of the same med. Basically he is now in control of his emotions and his body until bed time. Phew.
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