03 January, 2008

Happy New Year!

Jake's MRI results came back .... NORMAL!

so that's good.. very very very good.

There are apparently no abnormalities in his brain.

When he was younger, his first MRI showed that he had delayed myelenation. So I guess now his myelin is all caught up. That actually makes me a little sad. Isn't that odd? It is a moment of somber realization that, yup, he now has all of the right parts in all of the right places and he didn't catch up developmentally. That was a possibility I guess. I mean I wasn't holding my breath or anything, it was just a slice of possibilty.

Squid saw another perspective entirely, which is that it is great news because now we know he doesn't have the hurdle of delayed myelin. She sees the possibility of more potential or something positive and hopeful. That's why it's good to have friends. When all I can see is the bottom of my half empty cup.. someone adds marshmallows.

We have just decided to hire someone to finish the patio and walkway project in the backyard.. not giving up.. we are still going to do the bathroom ourselves, just trying to respect our marriage and the very small amount of time we have. I would rather die with a little debt and stay married to my wonderful husband...than fight to the death about a stooopid backyard.

so if you know a good paver/brick layer type person who wants to give us a deep discount because we are such nice people (HA!)

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