01 February, 2008

So Are The Days of Our Lives

I received a birthday gift from Bridquet that was so thoughtful... so full of thought and effort that it may be up there with the most precious gifts I have ever been given.

On the right-hand side of this blog there is a little note, that has been on there since I started writing... something about the fact that for 15 minutes of each day I think that we are not going to make it... it is all too much, and I am no good at this job, and I am overwhelmed, and my body aches, and Jake is never going to be independent. I am not trying hard enough, and I have nothing more to give to my children and my marriage. I have lost myself. I am failing my special-needs child. I am not using the gifts God has given me. I have no faith. I am tired and there is nothing to serve my family for dinner. My house is a mess. My vocabulary is weak. My hair is thinning and has split ends. I never sing anymore and I am too quick to judge others. I have no patience. I am lost and it is all hopeless.
...and then minute sixteen comes and we are all going to be okay. Really okay. All of the previous moments are nearly erased (save for the aching back)...and we just move forward. We do our best; praying for great things and planning for the realities of our life. I am the strongest woman in the world, and possibly the luckiest.

Well Bridquet bought me a quarter-of-an-hourglass. It is beautiful and looks very much like the photo here. What is even more meaningful are the words she spoke to me..and I am paraphrasing.
For those 15 minutes it is like you are in the hourglass. Trapped and struggling, slipping bit by bit with nothing to grab on to, nothing to stand on. You are stumbling and falling and nearly buried alive. It feels like you will never get the right side up again.

and here is the part that was so kind
You are the sixteenth minute. You land upon the top of those grains of sand and you are grounded and standing tall and everything is under control. You are the sixteenth minute for your family. You are what makes it so it will all be okay again.
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