20 June, 2007

The Village Idiot

Yesterday there was a library assembly at Jake's school. Apparently he sat so nicely the entire time and enjoyed the presentation... except for one speaker.
This speaker has a "Yuck" song, and every time he says the word "Yuck" the kids all scream and yell.

It went something like this.

"Okay, well I can sing the nose song, or the Yuck Song."[SCREAMS]

Man pretends to mutter to himself, "Think before you speak Chuck, do not say the word 'yuck'".[SCREAMS]
and more to himself:
"Darn it, think before you speak. Don't say 'yuck'". [SCREAMS]

Taps his head a few times.
"Think. Think. Do not say the word "YUCK". [MORE SCREAMS]

This happens several more times.

Then Jake leans over towards Anna and Janet ...

and says

"What an idiot".
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