23 June, 2007

Okay. Seriously?

Okay now the kitchen sink has backed up into the upstairs tub. This is a different bathroom than the one we are remodeling downstairs... and Descartes has decided that "maybe we should just rip out all of the wall board and start over.. and let's put in a whole new shower and pan.. and well, why don't we just strip it down to the studs?" on the downstairs bath.

Okay, so, fine.. and we should just rip out everything from the back yard and start over there too. I guess he is a start from scratch kind of guy. He pretends he's not, but I know he likes the freedom and the fear that comes with a blank slate.

Cookie and Pap are coming over to play with kids while we clean out the garage and finish taking down the downstairs bath.. before the termite people come on Monday morning... now they will be playing with kids while we do plumbing work.

Descartes is on his way to Triple A Rentals to get a power auger..
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