13 June, 2007

Camera Shy

I just realized that while I am quick to put up photos of Lucy, I do not really post any of Jake. This is just another sad thing for me. Descartes doesn't really take a lot of photos anymore, and I am normally taking care of the kids, so I must rely on other people taking pictures of our family.. and since taking photos of Jake is so often disappointing (though much less expensive now that digital is ubiquitous.. I used to spend hundreds of dollars to get just one photo where he was in the frame and possibly looking towards the lens)..

I find that people don't like to take photos of my child who will not look at the camera.

Even I struggle with my regular disappointment at not having a decent photo of Jake smiling and looking at me.

note to self... try harder...Jake does smile, often, and at me... will try to capture it for posterity...but mostly will try to remember in my mind what it looks like. Remember that moment tonight at bedtime when we were wrestling and we both fell off the bed...that smile came with eye contact.
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