08 June, 2007

Exponential Snot

At what point does the world **not* stop because there is a head cold running rampant through the family. Jake is home from school due to green trails on the upper lip. In a good mood. Lucy does not seem to have the cold so bad as the meanies when I try to wipe her face. Descartes was a sniffly-headed goof last night and this morning barely able to get it together for work. Poor guy. and we are leaving for Tahoe in about 6 hours.

Cookie (Descartes' mom) swears she used to just sit her three kids on the couch in front of the t.v. and let their noses run all day, never wiping them. I find it hard to believe, but it is also possible that they had a green couch and green shag carpeting at the time. (ewwww grossss)

Lucy is currently in her crib YELLING at the top of her baby lungs in protest. She does not like to nap. She does not want to miss anything.
She is my daughter.
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