15 June, 2007

PeePee on the Pot-TEE peeepee on the Pot Tee

I got a great call from school today! Jake went to his own flip book and started playing with the icon for bathroom. He was also hitting his waistline with his hand.

His teacher Janet.. who is amazing, noticed and asked Jake if he wanted to go to the bathroom.

She got no discernible response so she offered him Free Play or Bathroom. He had been playing with another little girl before he got up to go to his flip book, so he chose Free Play. Janet said that he should go to the bathroom first then have free play so he went with Anna to the bathroom
where he stood in front of the toilet....

Now he has done this before of course, but never initiated so completely on his own.. and has never followed through with anyone else but me.

When he came back to the classroom the entire class celebrated (which may sound inappropriate, but bathroom and self-care issues are a part of their learning). Other children in the class (who can speak..) were coming up to Jake and patting him on the shoulder and saying "Good job pee-pee Jake. Good job pee pee".

Janet gave him cookies right away, and promised him that he would have ice cream when he got home from school.. which he did.

Janet and I had just spoken about toilet training on Thursday night at Open House. She seems to think that Jake is right on the cusp of some big changes. Wouldn't it be great if he were toilet trained before our trip to Hawaii in August?!
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