16 June, 2007

Applebees and No More Trees


Okay, so I hired my wonderful gardener and his persevering team to pull out two trees.. which as it turned out was really 5 separate trees.. then while he was there
He said, "Aren't you going to get rid of those planters anyway?"
and I said, "Uhm Yeah."

then he said, "Well I can have my guys do it today and haul away everything...."

OH NO.. so I did!

We have a sort of plan for the back yard.. but not really a right now plan.. so as Descartes said.. "We now have what one might call an escalation of commitment".

In other news.. as a last minute what should we do for dinner we decided to go to Applebees tonight.

We have decided that Applebees is:
  • TGI Fridays for people with kids.
  • Mc Donald's with Alcohol in terms of the health benefits and quality of food.
  • Not going to be a place we go regularly.

  • However... Jake and Lucy were such absolutely great kids that it makes me think that we are really all going to be okay. We waited for a booth so Jake would be more comfortable (and confined) and it was a very smart move. He sat so nicely and looked out the window at the trees and swaying grass plants, then ate his meal so happily that we ordered sundae's for both of the kids.

    I almost cried as we left because it went so smoothly.
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