30 June, 2007

Ragged at the Edges

I think the last week really wore me out.. between Jake being at Camp, Lucy starting to wean, and still getting used to child care twice a week, my sister, her husband and babies in constant peril in South lake, my mother's birthday (for which I was unable to do advanced planning.. you know send a card in advance...), two major house projects that are both stopped mid-way by lack of parts and time,
I am worn down, and a bit ragged at the edges.

Jake came home with a tummy virus that went around Camp.. he got it the last 12 hours of camp, so when they called me Friday morning, they basically just wanted to give me the head's up. I bought the required Pedialyte and some Immodium and he was basically fully recovered by the time we got him home...happy kid. I know it is a good idea to send him to Camp, but I do know I sleep better when I know I've tucked him in a night.

So I am getting some of it in line now, I think...
  • Jake is home.
  • My sister's house is still standing her and the babies are breathing fine.
  • I ordered way-too-expensive flowers for Gloria.
  • I have now researched shower stalls and my city is giving away free low-flow toilets.
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