12 June, 2007

We Don't need no Stinkin' Groceries

So we got back from Tahoe on Sunday night.. and I just sort of knew that Jake was not going to make it through school on Monday... his nose wasn't running when he left for school (I swear), but twenty minutes into it I got the call that he was snotting everywhere...he can't, or won't blow his nose.

That's the thing about having a special needs kid, sometimes it is the little stuff that kills you..like the fact that if Jake would/could just blow his nose twice in the morning he would get all of that snot out and be able to attend school... then I would be able to go grocery shopping with only one little girl... who is trouble enough all on her own "that...that...that...".

So I picked up Jake when I got the call (Lucy and I were at Tar-jay buying Jake socks for camp... and life since he wears holes in them at the rate of about $4.89 a week). Luckily I had already downed two shots of espresso (on ice) and scored Lucy a cup of ice ... (I know.. not a good baby food).. so we went back to school where Jake smugly got into the back seat of the car.. and I decided that we would take a shot at grocery shopping... so we invaded Safeway.

I was hoping that the cart with the little bench seat would be available.. that would make it harder with Lucy, but that would mean Jake could sit down and perhaps just "be" while I hurried through the store... of course it was being used by a family with a seemingly normal child (I know very unfair of me to say.. who knows, maybe that kid is autistic too..but based on extensive hahahah knowledge he was just fine dammit and he coulda walked). So I had to use a regular cart with Jake walking and Lucy haha belted in to the kid seat part.

I know that the cart does not have a sign that reads...
"Please reserve this grocery cart for those families who are out of milk because they were traveling and it is now their baby's first birthday and the daddy has a job interview and the mommy would like to buy some tri-tip to celebrate, and some broccoli, and perhaps some yogurt as well, so that the older son, who has all sorts of special needs can take his medicine in the morning because if you take this cart it is entirely possible that this family might not get to grocery shop at all, or if they try to, people will stare at the writhing autistic boy on the floor in front of the cake mixes (because the mommy has realized that there is NO FUCKING WAY she is going to possibly make a homemade cake with two children home all day and no childcare). It is also possible that if the mommy has to use a regular cart she will need to steer it with only one hand since the other hand will be busy holding her autistic son's hand... so if her daughter tries to escape all she can do is pray that the baby (who is really not a baby at all anymore) will actually listen to the mommy and sit back down.. and if there is any sort of hill..well it is possible that the baby who is celebrating her first birthday on this very day may actually be sent flying all by herself because the mommy has to hold her son's hand ever-so-tightly so he does not escape, but sometimes he twists his arm all the way around (because he has low tone and he can do that).. so that the mommy gets confused about which way he actually goes, and has to use BOTH hands to unravel him and get him back on his feet and attached to her again. So please refrain from using this cart if your kid can possibly just walk along beside you."

I know there is no sign like this.. but I sure could have used that cart.
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