15 April, 2008

Now That's Good Customer Service

I just went to the dry cleaner.. not just any dry cleaner...my dry cleaner. Our relationship has gone to a whole new level today.

He said "Jenny?" (and he really calls me Jenny, something not so common unless you knew me when I was a kid, know me from this blog, or have known me a long time) "Jenny, are you sad about something? You look sad today."

wow. that obvious?

So I answered truthfully, which appears to be my only ability lately, and it is not always in my best interest to tell the truth, or at least the truth as I see it, but my yammering has been full of it these days.

I said, "Well, I had a long talk with my mom...and I made her sad, and that in turn made me sad, which made her a little more sad, and a little mad, which made me mad, and a lot more sad, and everything will be okay, but it was just a lot for one day."

and he said, "It will be okay. You love your mom, the way you talk about her. You went on a trip with her last year right?" (which is impressive that he would remember don't you think?) "You love your mom and she loves you, it will be fine. Cheer up Jenny."

and I left feeling like the world is a pretty good place..and then I went to get coffee because I am hoping that caffeine can help put my brain back together.

and who shows up next to me?

my dry cleaner...my dry cleaner who says, "I would like to buy Jenny's drink." and when I protested, he said, "Let me do this for you. You need to cheer up Jenny."

so I let him buy me my double shot of espresso with a little dollop of whipped cream.

and I am, I think, a bit cheered up.

Don't you wish he was your dry cleaner?
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