15 April, 2008

Wow! Watch Out Seattle

So you know we have a show in Seattle for Can I Sit With You? a book reading.. and now NPR is officially going to cover it. This is so exciting.. for nerds like me (a nerd with out a PhD in something), being mentioned even by proxy on NPR is tantamount to having a paper published in a scholarly journal, and since I know that's probably never going to happen, NPR is the next best thing for me. I mean I just thought about that this very moment, but I am pretty sure that's what I think.

So if you know anyone in Seattle, know anyone who likes Seattle, know anyone with a lot of frequent flyer miles and is bored..send them our way.

tickets on sale now http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/30612

Friday, April 25, 2008 8:00pm
Annex Theatre
1122 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 728-0933

Scheduled performers:

SJ Alexander
lives in Seattle, avidly follows the doings of Britney Jean Spears, and is a Kennedy Administration buff. SJ writes almost daily at "I, Asshole" online.

Els Kushner is a librarian and writer who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her spouse, their daughter, and far too many books. Her website, Book Book Book, is at www.bookbk.blogspot.com.

Liz Henry lives in many intersecting communities, as a feminist, poet, translator, blogger, science fiction fan, queer & genderqueer writer, and computer geek. She's had work published in Parthenon West, Xantippe, Lodestar Quarterly, Poetry Flash, Two Lines, Cipactli, caesura, other, Literary Mama, Strange Horizons, and has been publishing zines and little books since 1986.

Sarah M. Glover is a recovering C.P.A. who lives and writes in San Francisco. She is currently using her young children as guinea pigs while manically scribbling away about ghosts and fairies. Hopefully, the scribbling will make it into a book before they leave for college.

Michael Procopio
lives in San Francisco, but has yet to figure out the precise name of his neighborhood. He is a food blogger who dislikes the word "blogger" almost as much as he does the words "moist," "classy," and "slacks." His likes include the drawings of Edward Gorey, Cotswold cheese, and the musical stylings of Jacques Brel. His websites are www.word-eater.blogspot.com, and www.kqed.org/weblog/food.

Jason Kovacs is a native of the I-5 corridor whose writing has appeared in Cranky Literary Journal, ZYZZYVA, and Jeopardy Magazine (you could go find all that stuff and read it, except it is all published under Jasons old name and Kovacs is his shiny new name). Jason does not like cilantro, and does not understand people who do.

Judy McCrary Koeppen lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works as a speech language pathologist specializing in early intervention. When not being paid to hang out with really great kids, she chases her own two children and cares for her family's ever-increasing number of pets.

Cindy Emch is a highway poet. She can be found writing reams of valentines and love letters to her adventures on a daily basis. She calls them poems. Her words are salty and crunchy like sweat and gravel, and they tell queer mossy secrets. Cindys work has been been published in Lodestar Quarterly, There Journal, Its So You: 35 Women on Fashion, Beauty, and Personal Style (edited by Michelle Tea), and numerous chapbooks. She co-hosted The Aunty Cindy and Unka Lynnee Show with Lynn Breedlove on Pirate Cat Radio from 2004 to 2007, and has been a curator for the National Queer Arts Festival since 1995. Emch is the founder and co-host of San Franciscos twice-a-month Queer Open Mic, which features queer folks of all colors, cultures, and creeds performing their awesome lit to encourage the building of bridges between art, community, and revolution.

Sarah Dopp is a San Francisco-based writer and tech geek. She co-founded TheWrit.org, an online writing workshop and publication which has survived in a state of anarchy for almost five years. She's also the editor of Genderfork.com, a blog that explores androgyny and gender variance through artistic photography. Sarah was a member of the 2003 New Hampshire Poetry Slam Team, and likes to think of herself as a "recovering slam poet." You can learn more about Sarah and read her blog at SarahDopp.com.

Special thanks to Annex Theatre (http://www.annextheatre.org/) for donating their space to this event. "Annex Theatre is dedicated to creating bold new work in an environment of improbability, resourcefulness and risk ..."
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