02 April, 2008

Fashion Queen.. uhm no

There was a cute outfit in there somewhere. Apparently I should put yesterday's clothing in the laundry room, and place the clean clothes out of reach.

It is such an amazing thing to have a child who can choose what to wear. I sort of forgot that lots of people wear hats, and just because Jake won't wear one doesn't mean that Lucy won't try. She can put on her own sweater. She appears to be putting her shoes on the correct feet without much help at all. She prefers one shirt over another, and tells me so.

Right now she's watching Go Diego! Go! and she is participating...answering the questions about colors and cheering and yelling things like "We did it!" and "Caw" (for Macaw)

I know this is all "typical" behavior, but today it is all a miracle to me.
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