11 April, 2008

Is It Friday? Well it Must be Since Jake's Talking!

I just got a call from Janice, Jake's amazing teacher. Happy Friday!

This morning on the playground during A-PE (adaptive phys-ed)

Anna: "Jake look, there's the circle. There's the square. There's the triangle."
Jake: "Triángulo"
for those of you who do not speak Spanish, that's triangle. What's even funnier is that Anna was speaking English to Jake but his echolalia was in Spanish...so does that still count or is that spontaneous language?

and later today

The class went to get ice cream because it is hot today in Deadwood City. When they got back to the classroom, Jake ate all of his ice cream up lickety-split (no surprise there).

And then he ate the rest of Anna's ice cream too.

Anna: "Jake, your ice cream is all gone."
Jake: "NO."

"Jake, would you like some of my ice cream?"
Jake: beginning calmly and ending with high-pitched happiness, "yeAH!"

a few minutes later...
Anna: "Jake, you should say 'Thank you' to Ms. Janice for giving you some of her ice cream."
Jake: beginning slightly muffled then ending clearly..."Thank YOU!

parenting note: to encourage open communication with Jake I must
a) learn Spanish
b) carry ice cream on my person at all time.

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