04 April, 2008

When Jake Talks, People Listen

A girl in Jake's class, imitating some adult behavior she had no doubt recently seen, went on a "rant" around the classroom, waving her hands and raising her voice about nothing much at all.
Jake: "She's Ca-RAZY!"


Squid picked Jake up from school when he got sick and took him home.
Squid: "Would you like water or juice?"
Jake: "Juse."


I can't remember Wednesday because it feels like a long long time ago, but if I remember I will put something here.


When asked at circle-time to choose "the zebra" at circle time he did so with no physical prompting. Then his friend next to him said "Good job Jake! High-5?" and he gave her a a High-5 all on his own.

then... during lunch he was trying to get his straw into his mouth (the straw from his milk carton) and was getting frustrated.
Anna: "Jake, you can do it yourself or you need to ask for help."
Jake: leaning into Anna's arm and looking towards her face, "Help!".

and then, Jake's therapist (Josie, an OT from CCS) came to our home for a visit. I asked Jake to demonstrate how he is trying, and can nearly scoop with a spoon.
Me: "Jake, you can do it. Show Ms. Josie how you can scoop your ice cream with a spoon. Can you scoop your ice cream with the spoon?"
Jake: "Nope."

and then
Jake was going to demonstrate how well he is doing, helping to remove his clothes before bath time. I escorted him to the bathroom with Josie following. Jake began to throw a fit. An all out nightmare sort of fit.
I stopped and held him in my arms and put my face to his and
asked, "Jake, are you upset because you don't want Josie to see you naked in the tub?"
Jake: Complete silence.
I apologized to him, and Josie reassured him that she did not need to see him 'nekkid'. I asked Jake if it would be okay to just show how he takes off his shirt, and he did readily. Then he ran out the bathroom door and into the backyard laughing.


Jake kept putting his feet on the table at school. His Rifton chair has an ankle strap option which was on his chair for awhile, though not used.
Anna: "Jake, if you do not keep your feet on the floor I will put your ankle straps on the chair on Monday."
Jake: "I hate you."
(he got a bit of a dress-down for this one)

and when I took him down to bed
Me: "I love you Jake."
Jake: muffled and into the pillow but I really think I heard "...love you too."

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