09 April, 2008

Of Course!

Jake's after-school aide just called, and she's fine, no one was hurt, but her brakes went out on her car. Luckily she was going 5 miles an hour on flat ground. Had she gotten all the way to our house... on her way out she would have ended up in the garage of the house across the street (and down the steep steep drive from us.) I am so grateful that the car trouble was discovered earlier in the day.

I'm also feeling just a bit sorry for myself, because...of course... the car is broken and she won't be able to come to help me. Of course. Because I specifically put Lucy into daycare today, and had Jake covered so I can finish the taxes and work on SEPTAR and Can I Sit With You? stuff.
Of course, because it just sort of seems like I haven't had a single week lately that follows my orderly instructions. Someone has been sick or not shown up or it rained or we tore up the yard or something.. oh wait.. that's just what my life looks like...CRAP

at least no one was hurt.
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