23 June, 2009

"That Airplane. A Happy"

I took Jake and my nephews to the cafe local airport and the little guys both keep telling me now that "That Airplane. A Happy!" Generally they are both very understandable, their language only misunderstood by those of us who have not figured out a few of their "twin-speak" vocabulary words. They have their own language, but who's to say those words won't wind up in a dictionary someday... but this sentence "That Airplane. A Happy!" I think they were just too excited to get it out right, and once they got it in their heads like that it just stuck. So with my limited translation skills I think they enjoyed sitting in the cafe, eating grill cheese sandwiches and watching small commuter planes take off.

You know who else liked it? Uhm Jake. A lot. He is the perfect height to put his arms on the rail and lay his head upon them so he can look at everything at an angle. He followed verbal directions with minimal physical prompting, sat nicely at lunch and even ate new foods. I apologized to him for not taking him there more often (not that they are very kid friendly around there...) and suggested we go there every once in awhile on our date days.

I wonder what Jake wanted to tell me about the airport today? I translated his happy noises.. it was something like "That Airplane...A Happy"
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