22 June, 2009

Superparenting Week Begins!

Jaster and Demanda arrived last night with their little squirts who will be under my guardianship until Friday. j&D are going on their 10 year anniversary trip, something Descartes and I did last year to celebrate our own milestone.

Hawk and Wolf are precious boys with all sorts of emerging skills, and just like Lucy they change in the blink of an eye. Jake's growth has always been harder to see. I know it's there, but when I see these little boys use longer sentences, learn how to tease their mom, figure out how to share, self-soothe, clamor on to benches and chairs and scooters... it is just amazing. I'm glad I know the sadness of missing developmental moments, so I can truly be in awe when I see a kid who gets to them, and passes them without blinking. Watching a child hold their own cup...most parents don't really think about that as being a big deal, but Jake couldn't hold his own straw-sippy cup until after he was two years old, and he still cannot drink from an open top cup. He might never have that skill.. so when I watch Hawk sneak in to the kitchen and get his own cup of water and slurp it down.. I am, of course, mildly irritated by his outright defiance, but so deeply and fully thankful that he can do these things.

Jake is finally feeling better after what can only be called a REALLY BAD WEEK or so of not sleeping and thrashing about. He is covered in bruises from dropping to the ground and being manhandled trying to keep him safe, or just do basic custodial care. It was bad, but he has made up for his lack of sleep then by sleeping in until 10 am or later.. in fact he just ran up the stairs.. so I will go give the boy some breakfast.

Lucy had her very first day of Summer Camp today. So exciting .. so grown up. I asked her if she was worried, and she said "If Mali is sad, I will play with her and tell her it is okay."
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