11 June, 2009

Lucy is Three

Lucy at Three:

Has made up her first joke:
Q: How do you get a chicken in a tree?
A: A bathing suit!

Is a bit of a brute: she pushed Jake's aide's son (who is nearly six and weighs twice as much as she does) over while they were washing their hands. He landed in the tub with a giant goose egg on his head.

Hates to go to sleep.

She also:
loves her "whole fam-uh-leeeeee"

knows about date night, time outs, being "done with this" and taking deep breaths.

recognizes where we are in relation to where we've been and where we're going, both physically, as if she has a good internal compass, and often emotionally, as though she is working on her moral compass.

has tremendous empathy and a capacity to love and be tender that is very precious.

loves books, words, and talking with people.

is one of the most stubborn, preteens on our block.

enjoys the beach, the mountains and going "out to lunch"

is going to be the kind of girl who can hike Tallac in heels.

Not surprisingly she has friends, several of them, whom she can name as her best friends, and has even made a few that have nothing to do with me or her brother.

She has a great memory,and recalls information that is both obscure and has occurred relatively long ago in her past (considering we've only had her for 36 months, having her remember something from 6 months ago seems pretty amazing to me.)

She is not phased by having three sets of grandparents and does not find it odd that her mom has two moms and two dads, except to say that "Daddy only has one mom and one dad."

She likes to bake, and can manage a rolling pin, cookie cutters, whisks and bowls much larger than her head.

She is the sweetest mommy to her dolls. She will however admit that she loves her "beautiful black baby" the most.

She says she want to have hair like "Malia", and when I didn't know who she meant, said, "Mommy! Barack Obama's Malia! The President Obama, mommy"

She loves her brother and is able to "translate" for him.

Lucy has an opinion about everything.

She loves candy, especially candy hearts and lollipops.

She is the coziest sleeper and is great to nap with.

She likes the color pink, but purple is her favorite, but she also likes orange, and wants to know if anyone's favorite color is white, because that's a silly color and really not a color at all.
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