19 June, 2009

Summer Break: Day One

10:00 PM (the night before)

Family of seven arrives , Jennyalice’s dear friends from childhood and their precious clan of children

10:03 PM

Lucy gets out of bed to join the party. She wasn’t sleeping anyway.

11:00 PM

Dinner is served.

11:40 AM

Dishes are loaded from feeding the 7 house guests and daughter who is still awake.

12:00 AM

Descartes goes to bed, Guests go to bed

12:24 AM

Jennyalice goes to bed

12:30 AM

Everyone sleeps including Jake who was given Ativan again

2:00 AM

Everyone sleeps

5:30 AM

Sun screeches into my room, beating down on the deck outside sending early morning wafts of warm air into the crack in the door which had been left open to *cool down* the room overnight. Room becomes unbearably stuffy, sleep becomes impossible.

7:00 AM

Descartes gets up in order to get to newly scheduled permanent Friday morning meeting (which of course means we can never go to Tahoe on a Thursday night again.)

7:03 AM

Lucy wakes up and begins crying immediately that she wants to go upstairs and see "all of those children"

7:05 AM

Mommy brings Lucy upstairs where there are 4 children sleeping the living room. Lucy is not surprisingly not quiet enough and wakes 25% of them.


Jennyalice begins making bacon, french toast, eggs, Dutch Baby and securing orange juice from outside fridge. This wakes up everyone else.

7:30 AM


8:35 AM


9:30 AM

Jake finally wakes up, heads straight to the backyard and eats nothing except the yogurt with his drug regimen hidden in it.

10:42 AM

baby sitter arrives to watch over Jake and Lucy while Jennyalice races across town to IEP

11:04 AM

Jennyalice proclaims in IEP "If anyone has a hidden agenda that Jake needs another placement can they PLEASE just say it out loud?"

11:05 AM

IEP participants protest that there is no hidden agenda

11:06 AM

IEP discussion immediately focuses on where Jake should be placed in the fall considering that the teacher will be on maternity leave, Jake does not seem to like is overly punitive aide and the one aide he loves (who is our home aide) cannot manage to get to work on time

11:07 AM

Jennyalice learns that the most stable classroom aide will also be on maternity leave in the fall.

11:08 AM

Jennyalice gets over her need to have Jake never leave the side of his current teacher and never transfer from his current campus

12:00 PM

It is pretty much decided that Jake will have a different placement in the fall.

12:01 PM

Jennyalice goes in to full research mode and begins to email program directors while still in the IEP.

12:40 PM

IEP ends with a to-do list which includes Jennyalice and Descartes looking at new schools over the summer, Jake discontinuing a medication temporarily to see if behavior changes and Jennyalice feeling like once again she has failed her son by waiting so long to make a positive change for him

1:00 PM

Jennyalice arrives home, pays the babysitter, and thanks God that her lovely house guests have figured out lunch for the entire clan, found paper plates and have all of the children putting away 700 pounds of toys which had previously scattered across the house in the wake of 7 children.

1:20 PM

Jake plays in the backyard pulling debris out of the flower beds

1:45 PM

Lucy and Jennyalice walk our friends down to their camper and car and wave farewell.

1:46 PM

Lucy asks who is going to come over to play with her

2:00 PM

Jake continues his quest for a zen backyard

2:20 PM

Lucy passes out in the living room sprawled out in a bean bag chair

4:46 PM

Jennyalice realizes that Jake is still in the backyard in the same flower bed, but since he is still making happy sounds, she decides that she is not under-parenting, but rather she is indulging him his true desires

4:47 PM

Jennyalice realizes there are no dinner plans, changes the propane tank and prays that there are hot dogs in the outside fridge… and indeed there are!

5:00 PM

Jennyalice finishes off her “GoGirl” watermelon jolly rancher flavored energy beverages

5:05 PM

Jennyalice decides that Monday will be the first day of summer instead.

5:11 PM

Hot dogs on grill

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