17 June, 2009

It's always one thing AND Another

I have a bunch of really great posts in edit mode right now... Memorial day in Tahoe, Lucy's birthday party, Lucy turning three, Jake being precious with my parents, me enjoying time with my family.

  • Lucy turned three. She had about 7 million birthday parties: Saturday with 2/3 sets grandparents, Thursday with friends at daycare, Thursday evening with mom & dad, Cousins, Aunt Demanda, favorite baby sitter, Jake's aide and her son, Friday Pizza lunch party with family friends, Saturday surprise sing at an end of the year function which she then thought was another party for her, then Sunday with other 1/3 grandparents, Aunt, cousins, family friends, IRL friends, and anyone else who managed to not be at the other functions. Mommy. All. Done. Birthday. Giving birth to her was a few hours from water breaking to the two pushes it took to get her out... which, as it turns out is WAY easier than celebrating her third birthday.
  • Half of my parents came into town on the third and left on the seventh.
  • On Thursday the 11th which really was Lucy's birthday Jake had sedation to undergo his annual dental work.
  • My sister came with the boys an hour or so after I got home with Jake.
okay I can't even finish this list... it's been crazy, but mostly because Jake has not slept since Thursday night when he slept about half the night. It looks a lot like when he was younger and did that crazy bout when he was three or four? I think When he didn't sleep for 52 days in a row... not longer than 20-30 minutes in a row and not more than 1-2 hours in a 24 hour period. Back then he would scream and thrash the entire time between the small resting bits.

Last night, so he would rest (not sleep) , I layed down with him, which is never something he really wants.. and last night he took my arm and pulled it around him so that he drew me close and I was spooning him. I heard his breathing change and he slept a bit. He woke up when Lucy started crying in the other room (she is beginning to have some wild dreams lately.) He sat up, but layed back down when I came back to bed, where he pulled my arm around him again. [silver lining moment]

He has had to leave school every day.. kicked the fire extinguisher off the wall, knocked over chairs.. mayhem

but today he got to go home because he SAID

"Want home NOW."

Clearly so that everyone in the room had heard him. [silver lining moment]

so that is my report for now. Jake has been playing nicely this afternoon in the backyard (I have tied the gate shut in case I fall asleep sitting up/standing).

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