21 July, 2008

Real Exhaustion

I am so tired. Yes my children woke up a hundred bazillion times last night, and I spent every evening for the past week doing something, but really, right now I am exhausted because I am trying to finish A Real Boy by Christina Adams.

It is unbearable.

I knew it would be, but her writing exhausts me. It does not, in any way make me feel hopeful. Her half chapter describing "Autism Mommies" is nearly perverse. It pretty much indicates that your child doesn't have a chance at being "recovered" from autism unless you have a lot of money and the mind of a "professional". Whatever Ms. Adams. I don't buy into the recovery stuff. I don't buy into your evaluation criterion.

I will finish the book before I write any more.

Right now I would rather do the dishes.. how's that for disliking the book?
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