10 July, 2008

Giving Up. Admitting Can't do Everything Myself.

I have hired two guys to help me finish remodel my downstairs bathroom. I have purchased all of the materials already, but after this many months I have decided that I actually cannot hang drywall/cement board, solder in a new pressure valve shower handle and still have two kids who want to play in the kiddie pool. That's not true. I could do it. I could. but since I haven't in all of these months I am guessing I should just give in on this one. Same thing happened in the backyard. I get very frustrated when I must pay people to do things I know I can do myself, but I think I was being unreasonable on this one. Maybe if Lucy was 5? Maybe if Descartes didn't have a more than full-time job?

Anywhooo. It will cost some money, but not that much and I may have a bathroom within a few weeks instead of months.

And the rear bumper is back on my car after I left it at the shop yesterday to be repaired...after I backed into our LandCruiser, after Jake was late to catch the short bus..which not surprisingly we missed.

apologies to those of you in Pocatello and Flagstaff who probably heard me yell ffffuuuuCCCCKKKKKKKK! After Descartes let me know that I should stop gunning the motor because I was not pushing a trashcan out of the way I was trying to move a 2 ton truck with the right rear bumper of my Not-so-Mini van.

Uhm yeah. But it is all better now. They were able to pop off the bumper, warm it up and smooth it out. The paint just looks a little scratched.

Hmmm some things do go right sometimes...hmmm

I am going to fold some laundry while I can still see straight. I am so tired. I think it was the last three 3x5 Cement boards which weigh I don't know how much each, but loading them up at the lumber yard and then into the van.... just so tired.


as it turns out...did not go to bed... over an hour later I am still in the kitchen because I forgot I was cooking wild plum lemon spread in a vat on the stove. Ugh. Now the kitchen smells a little like burned sugar. It has not st up so I will need to put it on to cook more tomorrow when i am more awake and less likely to burn contents and/or put the pot out into the back yard and say "forget it."
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