19 July, 2008

My Road to BlogHer 08 Friday Night

Friday my day went something like this:

  • Get up at 6:00 for shower
  • Lament burned out plug in the bathroom.
  • Get Jake dressed, fed and on bus in a 12 minute time span.
  • Wonder if I have permanent brain damage from electric shock yesterday from said plug.
  • Help sister pack everything and two boys into her car and watch her drive away.
  • Entertain Lucy.
  • Gather all of the left over parts from bathroom remodel for returns to Home Depot
  • Glance at scary unblown hair and wonder how long it is going to take for us to either finish remodel in bathroom #2 or fix plug in bathroom #1.
  • Realize that my makeup bag is in my sister's car.
  • Call sister.
  • Make plans to meet in a parking lot three cities away.
  • Put screaming needs-a-nap Lucy in car.
  • Drive to other city.
  • Go through drive through for iced tea and lunch for sleeping Lucy just in case she wakes up hungry.
  • Wait in parking lot with starving Lucy. Give myself an internal "High 2" for remembering to have lunch ready (I don't get the full 5 becuase the "lunch" consists of a fried burger, french fries and apple juice).
  • Meet my sister, get makeup bag.
  • Go to Home Depot parking lot, and realize that I do not have the correct receipt.
  • Head home.
  • I can't remember all of this part because it is a blur but things like poopy diapers, crying, snacking and dirty dishes happened.
  • Empty trash can from the deck.
  • Carry trash bag across kitchen and head towards back door.
  • Get all the way past the gate and to the outside trash area.
  • Realize that trash bag has a hole and is leaking murky liquid.
  • Figure out that murky liquid also has maggots in it.
  • Retrace steps and find out that there is a maggot trail a la Hansel and Gretel all the way back to the kitchen door.
  • Remember that maggots are one of the few things I can barely tolerate on the planet. Another one is arrogant people who are boring. Ponder if those two things are the same thing.
  • Don gloves, gather papertowels and 409 spray and pray that my two children don't have maggots between their toes.
  • Clean it all up. Ugh.
  • Sit down at computer to feel better.
  • Get IM from Descartes..."Do you want me and the kids to drive you to SF so you can meet up with BlogHer peeps for after party?"
  • Nearly cry at my good fortune.
  • Search out public transit options.
  • Scramble to get get changed, fix hair (lament loss of bathroom plug again!) and find two shoes which match.
  • Pile children in car and drive to Descartes' office.
  • Race to BART train. Make train by two minutes.
  • Arrive in San Francisco after cozy BART nap wearing a clean shirt, lipstick and pants.
  • Find dear friend Squid nearly immediately.
  • Drink and laugh and chat and finally get to meet with Blog heroine Kristina Chew.
  • Dine with Squid and LeftCoastMom and I, Asshole. Laugh a lot.
  • Get a ride home from the exhausted and responsible driver Squid.
  • Fall into bed. Happy. Tired. Happy.
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