27 July, 2008

No More Patience

I'm not sure what has put me over the edge but I have no more patience right now. Could it be the incessant whining of my two year old? My same daughter who will not fall asleep without a tremendous struggle that lasts hours and hours. Perhaps it was a weekend with my house filled with extended family, whom I love very dearly, but when you plan for Friday night and get the whole weekend...

and the babysitter didn't show up again yesterday...miscommunication... I know I know. I am going to get new help when school starts..just two more weeks.

and Jake flipped out (episode time) last night during bath time and came up from the ground full speed and knocked me in the chin knocking my jaw into my friggin' brain. I am stiff and sore this morning from that one. Luckily I didn't get my tongue cut off.

This morning little Miss Lucy happily went to her new daycare and Jake proceeded to whine for several hours. His migraine medicine doesn't seem to be working, although he is a lot calmer now that lunch is over. Just in time for that PhD student to come over and do a verbal test on him. Fantastic!

I am going to drink a diet Rockstar and take a Wellbutrin and hope that I become civilized enough to deal with adults.

Right now it's a good thing that Jake likes to hang out by himself because I am not pleasant company.. but I am feeling just a tad bit better writing it all down.
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